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Buy IELTS certificate | IELTS certificate without exam

 Buy IELTS certificate | IELTS certificate without exam

We can help you register IELTS without sitting down for one Exam. It will help you save precious years! And time. 

It will only take 5 days to get your IELTS certificate ready and delivered to your address. Express service is required; we can make the certificate in 2 days for a ride. The certified  service surcharge will be original and registered in the database and can be verified. After your order is The insertion takes a few days for us to get your details System, Once your data is registered in the system it will be inserted IELTS sites / systems, and will appear real, legitimate and verifiable Forever IELTS certifications without exams Those interested in getting their MCSE, CCNA, MCITP, CCNP, MCTS, MCSE Certification can now easily get their certificates without Sweat and tiredness. We do not need to travel to other places or take Try online to get our IT exams. We can get ours Certifications from where we are. We can get our IT certification It will take our career to the next level or get our dream jobs Faster.

You start by placing an order with us. To place an order, kindly contact us via the Contact form or send us a direct E-mail:, Once we receive your email, we are going to send you an in return containing all information we are going to need from you, as soon as you get back to us with this information we are going to give you our payment address for you to send the money so that we can start producing your certificate. Once payment is confirmed from you we will start immediately with the production of your certificate. As soon as we produce your certificate we are going to send all your details to our inside man who is part of our team but Specialist in database infiltration, He will infiltrate the needed data base and put your full details online, As soon as he does that we are going to email you the login credentials that you will use to check your results online. 


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Tips on how to check if an IELTS certificate is genuine, How to buy original IELTS certificate, How to verify British Council IELTS certificate, How to Verify an IDP IELTS certificate.

Once you obtain an IELTS certificate Online, it’s very important to verify if the Certificate is verifiable online, and whether it’s genuine.

Nowadays, many are interested to buy an IELTS certificate online instead of going throug h the normal examination route. It’s obvious you should be worried about how genuine the certificate you bought is. You can’t determine or verify if an IELTS certificate is genuine by just looking at it. There are a lot of scam agencies that claim you can buy this certificate from them, meanwhile what you get after paying your money, comes out not being genuine.

We too do offer these services, and we have encouraged and we keep on encouraging all IELTS candidates to pay attention to t genuine/e verification rather than just the paper they obtain. Be mindful of the fact that, submitting a fake certificate to an organization or institutions with the intention of using it legally, can bring you problems that money can’t fix. For example you can be banned from using any of the services you had plans to apply for.

The British Council and IDP have put in place great verification Tools that will enable you to verify these Certificates if they are genuine or not. They were smart enough to design these sophisticated tools, to help people verify if the certificate they possess, is active online or not.

Normally you know if your certificate is authentic, when you are able to see the scores on the certificate, and also on the official website of IDP or British Council.

Note: The easiest way to verify your scores online or certificate, is to login to your account on the official British Council or IDP website. If you can’t find your scores on those websites, know the certificate you obtain is fake.

1) How to verify a British Council IELTS Certificate:

One of the best methods to verify a British Council IELTS Certificate, is to use the link below .

British council candidate portal

Steps to follow:

Go to

Input your email address and password


Go under your test and results section

You will then be able to see your scores as seen on the image below.

The image below shows the result of one of our candidate registration done by us under British Council. This is exactly how you will see your scores, in order to confirm if the certificate you obtained, is genuine or not.

To obtained a registered, verifiable or genuine IELTS certificate, click on the Whatsapp button below, or use the number on the screenshot, or simply click here to register. We shall treat your case and grant you your heart desire.

How to Verify an IDP IELTS Certificate

You can verify an IDP IELTS certificate using this verification tool

Steps to follow:

Go to

Firstly Given Name

Thirdly Family name

Fourthly Date of Birth

Lastly Click on the reCaptcha to fill the puzzle to insure you are not a robot

Click on get results

The system will automatically generate an output. If it doesn’t display your result, either the information you input is incorrect, or the certificate data is not registered in the system, or likely the result of your test is not yet out.

The image below shows the result of one of our candidate registration done by us under IDP. This is exactly how you will see your scores, in order to confirm if the certificate you obtained, is genuine or not.

To obtained a registered, verifiable or genuine IELTS certificate, click on the Whatsapp button below, or use the number on the screenshot, or simply click here to register. We shall treat your case and grant you your heart desire.

How To Buy Original IELTS Certificate

From us you can buy Original IELTS Certificate without the stress and anxiety caused by the exam route. Simply click on this link and book now in order to get started. We strictly offer authentic IELTS certificate that you can use it for whatever purpose you are applying to use it for. Yes you also verify to insure that everything is genuine. Firstly, World IELTS helpers, offers strictly IELTS hack and IELTS without exam. Secondly we have designed sophisticated and excellent networks throughout the globe to make sure these services are achievable. Lastly we promise to give you the best when it comes to your journey of obtaining an IELTS certificate without exam from us.

We don’t encourage the usage of fake IELTS certificates. Never you buy or try to use an IELTS certificate that is not registered in the system, or not verifiable online as illustrated above. If you just discovered that the certificate you obtained isn’t genuine, cry not we are here to offer you the best of our services.

We offer the following the service:

Track ielts scores during exam

Update ielts past scores

Buy ielts exam papers

Go to Book Now

How To Get IELTS Certificate Online Get IELTS certificateWithout Exam

 How To Get IELTS Certificate Online — Buy Original IELTS Certificate

If you are looking for how get IELTS certificate online, your search has landed you on the right page. Most importantly Buy original IELTS certificate Without stress. Buy an IELTS Certificate from us without worries and panic. Get IELTS certificate Without Exam.


We understand your zeal to bag that desired scores of yours. You must be looking for the right agency to assist you with this. One of the method on how to get IELTS certificate online, is by booking a test on the British Council or IDP official website. Once you book, you can either file in for the computer or paper based test.

How get IELTS certificate online?

Check the nearest IELTS test center where you can take the test. The test are highly monitored and controlled by certified IELTS invigilators and administrators. Once you are done with the test, the result takes some couple of days to be published. For instance, the computer based takes approximately 3–5 days maximum from the testresult to be out. Paper based takes approximately 13 days for the result to be out.

One of the easiest means, is to use us to achieve your desired band scores with ease and speed. We are here specifically for that option. We offer original IELTS certificate without exam. Which means you give us the go ahead to bypass all the protocols and simply come out with your scores and certificate. All the certificates and great scores you find on our website, were achieved using this method. Even the one below.

Buy Original IELTS Certificate

It can be your pathway to success. Worry not on how to get IELTS certificate online. We have designed protocols to help you buy an IELTS Certificate online. It’s important to settle for an original IELTS certificate. Most people try to get this Certificate and end up trusting the wrong agency and leave there with a fake Certificate. Here we give you an opportunity to buy an original certificate Without and stress.

Using us, the certificate you obtain, is 100% genuine and authentic. We register you everywhere. On the certificate, database and also on the server. When we are done, we always insure you verify your certificate yourself and insure that it’s genuine or not. After that, you can the proceed to use the certificate everywhere. In case you don’t know how to verify, click this link to learn how to verify an IELTS certificate online.

Get IELTS certificate Without Exam

BRITISH IELTS Certificate, can help you Get IELTS certificate Without Exam. Worry not about process. We are a group of British Council and IDP workers specialized in offering IELTS certificate Without exam.
Wherever you are you can get your IELTS certificate from us. In conclusion, all are original and legit and can be used for any process be it for immigration or academic purpose.

Buy an IELTS Certificate

However it’s possible to buy an IELTS Certificate nowadays. It can be your pathway to success.
All you have to do is:

you have to confirm with your university or organization about the requirement

Secondly, navigate to the registration page

Thirdly choose the IELTS without exam tab

Number 4 fill all your personal information and your request

Fifthly cross check the details you input and submit the form.

And lastly get to our support team immediately for assistance

Buying IELTS Certificate Without Exam. Is this a Good Idea?

 Buy IELTS Certificate Without Exam. Is this a Good Idea?

Buy IELTS Certificate Without Exam. Is this a Good Idea? The official procedure requires you to take the test using either British Council or IDP Education in order to get an IELTS certificate instead of buying it. Is it possible to buy an ielts certificate online? Is An IELTS Certificate Without Exam Genuine ? The following sections in the blog will highlight certain points in order for you to know exactly what to do at this stage. WHATSAPP: +44 7405–780569

Disappointed with the complex nature of the IELTS test, the international language testing system was designed to measure non english language users ability to speak, listen, write or read the english language. The test has two main providers the British council and IDP Education that have been offering this test for decades now across the globe. It’s obvious you are fed up taking the test in order to get your desired band scores to validate your university or immigration requirement. In this case some are left with no choice or option to rather go in for ielts without an exam instead of retaking the test.

However before you proceed using an alternative method to get an ielts certificate for yourself, we advise you to at least try the following method for a better performance during the exams:

* Practice Writing

* Record yourself while exercising by speaking to others

* Practice reading

* Get free resources online

* What youtube videos on how to pass the ielts exam

* Get a full ielts course to better up your performance

In case you have already used the above mentioned to no avail, then working on alternative solution which involves, ielts without exam, upgrade ielts scores, track ielts scores during exam, ielts proxy or simply buy ielts exam papers and answers of a particular test date, should be your ultimate goal.

Is It Possible To Buy IELTS Without Exam?

The answer is yes!! You can easily get an ielts certificate without the need of taking an exam. Matter of fact, nothing exists on the internet that won’t find them in real life. This has been an old system or route many have been using for decades to get their ielts certificate with ease and zero stress. Thousands of candidates across the globe have been using this backdoor to obtain a registered certificate like any other backdoor processing that exists out there. Statistically, every system has a backdoor entry point whereby you can use money to speed up the entire procedure over others.

Even though IELTS without an exam is possible, getting to deal with the right agents is primordial. We encourage you to do due diligence when making this decision. The Entire internet is saturated by some fake websites that claim to execute this type of registration.

Best way to identify a suitable agency that will be able to meet up your needs, is to go through their website contents, reach out to them, get to know about the procedure, then decide to get started. Never rely on facebook ads or even groups where you find people pretending to be agents that can offer this type of registration, meanwhile they are not in any way. Majority of people get scammed everyday by those sets of individuals.

Our agency is one of the best when it comes to offering these types of services. We are specialized in all ielts hacks. Starting from ielts without exam, exam questions papers and answers keys, ielts proxy , upgrade ielts past scores, and the list goes on. We have registered, validated and approved ielts certificates for thousands of individuals out there.

Is An IELTS Certificate Without Exam Genuine ?

This will solely depend on the source and who registered you. It’s very possible to fall into the wrong hands of fake ielts agents, whose missions are to scam you and offer you a fake document at the end which you won’t be able to use in any way.

The magnitude of the quality registration we do here, speaks for itself. It’s highly encouraged that you verify online yourself before even thinking of using the certificate in question officially. The british council and IDP education, designed these tools to help candidates confirm and verify their results all by themselves, before thinking of using the scorecard officially. This article by world ielts helpers on how to verify an ielts certificate online will guide you on how to verify your certificate online.

In case you are looking forward to registering an ielts certificate online without an exam, do not hesitate to click on the WhatsApp button, to talk to our customer support for further processing.

Buy IELTS certificate | IELTS certificate without exam

  Buy IELTS certificate | IELTS certificate without exam We can help you register IELTS without sitting down for one Exam. It will help you ...